Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better...

...because I am a WOMAN!

I rode in the Dallas MS Ride (150 miles of pure pain, let me tell you) and learned a few things along the way:

1. It is amazing how my brain works when in a painful, stressful situation. It goes something like, "I am HOT, I am TIRED and I don't think I can...wait a minute. I survived 56 hours of labor and C-section recovery. MOVE OVER SELF-DEFEAT AND LET'S DO THIS THING." Not that I don't listen to my body, because you bet your saddle I broke up the last 14 miles of Day 1 into three increments and stopped in the shade to drink water until I felt like I could continue. 

2. Rest stops are not for dawdling. This is kinda true for my life right now - the rest stops/distractions in life: TV, interwebs, facebook, they are not a place to park yourself while wondering why the rest of your life is feeling unfulfilled. Much in the same way you can't spend oodles of time at a rest stop and then later wonder why it's taking so long to finish the ride. Get in, fill up your water bottles, grab a cookie and GO!

3. LADIES. LEARN HOW TO CHANGE YOUR OWN FLIPPING FLAT TIRE. Don't wait until you're out on the road to do it. Get the right tools (a tire lever, a spare tube, and a hand-held pump), and practice at home until you're good at it. I changed my friend's tire in a flash and the race helper guy on his motorcycle said that I was one of maybe two women who had changed their flats on their own. COME ON NOW.

What lessons have you learned out on the road?